The Service

Purple Miles is a personal mobility system that allows users provided with standard smartphone or tablet devices connected to the Internet to:
  • offer rides as private driver or a professional for free or for a fee
  • request a transport and get real-time multiple offers by drivers joining the system to choose the one that best suits their needs

This service is totally free

The Moving Community

We are free to move around the world and we are proud of it

Redefining the Mobility

Wherever you are, in big or small cities, downtown or in the suburbs, even in the countryside, join us and become driver or rider now.

Global Coverage

The service is available wherever you have the internet.
The system manages the matching of passengers and drivers independently of any external condition.
Users are the only protagonists of service.

For all Devices

For all mobile devices and all platforms.
For everyone.

Available in x Languages

If you can not find your language do not hesitate to help us submitting your version. It is easy to contribute. Your language  will be included in the general list for all users.



No matter what vehicle you have

If you are able to transport someone from the pick up point to the destination he is asking follow these simple 3 steps and startyour activity. No matter what vehicle you have.


  • Register and submit all information you think useful for riders to choose you.
  • Read carefully terms and condition before operating
  • Leave feedback on people you serve in order to enpower the entire system
Purple Miles, Freedom of Choice
We are software team who develops social services that can improve the quality of the life.

We believe in the values of sharing resources and their equitable distribution.
The Purple Miles project is currently in the beta phase.

That means that the work is in progress to identify bugs and improvements

All suggestions and advices from users are welcome and evaluated with due care.